Using Pulsar pub/sub for analytics, some scale/performance wins over RabbitMQ.


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Cyberprobe is a network packet inspection toolkit (Deep Packet Inspection) for real-time monitoring of networks. This has applications in network monitoring, intrusion detection, forensic analysis, and as a defensive platform. Cyberprobe packet inspection works on physical networks, and also in cloud VPCs. There are features that allow cloud-scale deployments.

This is not a single, monolithic intrusion detection toolkit which does everything you want straight out of the box. If that’s what you need, I would suggest you look elsewhere. Instead, Cyberprobe is a set of flexible components which can combined in many ways to manage a wide variety of packet inspection tasks. If you want to build custom network analytics there are many interfaces that make this straightforward.

The project maintains a number of components, including:


The probe, cyberprobe has the following features:


The monitor tool, cybermon has the following features:


The event stream from cybermon can be presented to RabbitMQ in a JSON form, which can then be delivered to further analytics:


The architecture has support for AWS Traffic Mirroring, and supports cloud-scale deployments:

More information

The easiest way to learn about the software is to follow our Quick Start tutorial.

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Obtaining the Software. Github download page here.
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